Інформація призначена тільки для фахівців сфери охорони здоров'я, осіб,
які мають вищу або середню спеціальну медичну освіту.

Підтвердіть, що Ви є фахівцем у сфері охорони здоров'я.

"Emergency medicine" №2(97), 2019

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Sevoflurane consumption over the low-flow or minimal-flow anesthesia during thyroid surgery in thyrotoxicosis patients

Authors: S.O. Tarasenko(1), O.A. Tovkai(1), S.O. Dubrov(2), M.V. Kunatovskiy(1), O.O. Yefimova(1), V.L. Rudenko(1)
(1) — Ukrainian Research and Practical Centre of Endocrine Surgery, Transplantation of Endocrine Organs and Tissues of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
(2) — Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Categories: Medicine of emergency

Sections: Medical forums

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Background. The purpose was to study the consumption of an inhalation anesthetic and to compare of clinical and economic components during using of the low-flow anesthesia or the minimal flow anesthesia by sevoflurane in hyperthyroidism patients undergoing thyroidectomy. Materials and methods. All patients were divided into 2 groups: in a group of “sevoflurane balanced analgesia” (BA-S) were included 35 patients, whom were used the minimal flow anesthesia (MFA) with fresh gas flow (FGF) = 400 ml/min. In a group “sevoflurane control group” (C-S) were included 46 patients, the low-flow anesthesia (LFA) with the fresh gas flow (FGF) = 500 ml/min ...

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