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"Child`s Health" 5 (65) 2015

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To 210th anniversary of Kharkiv National Medical University

Authors: Кожемяка А.И., Сиренко Т.В., Кандыба В.П., Клименко В.А., Плахотная О.Н.
Харьковский национальный медицинский университет, кафедра пропедевтики педиатрии № 2

Kojemiaka A.I., Sirenko T.V., Kandyba V.P., Klymenko V.A., Plakhotna O.N.
Kharkiv National Medical University, department of propaedeutic of pediatric № 2

Categories: Pediatrics/Neonatology

Sections: Нistory of medicine

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The article is published on a page 141-147


The history of Propaedeutic of Pediatrics Department № 2 of Kharkiv National Medical University

The department of children diseases in Kharkiv University was established in 1892. It was foun–ded by prominent scientist M.D. Ponamarev. But some time before this term the course of children diseases in obstetric department of Kharkiv University was done by Professor I.P. Kamensky, who used materials of M.M. Maksimovich-Ambodyk and his own experience. It is known that professor I.P. Kamensky made the report «Physical education of children and it’s influence on the neural and psycological condition», that was done at day of the 7th anniversary of the university (1812). After the professor’s I.P. Kamensky death the tea–ching of children diseases was stopped up to 1875. In 1875 according to the re–commendation of the council of medical faculty the teaching of children diseases was entrust with associate professor M.D. Ponomarev, who worked in the obstetric department. M.D. Ponomarev insisted an organization of independent department of children diseases. This department was organized only in 12.01.1892. M.D. Ponamarev became the head of the department, at that time he was the honorary professor. He was the preacher of principle integration of the theoretical lecture teaching with practical work of student near patient bed. His scientific research was devoted to the infection diseases (meas–les, scarlet fever, smallpox). In 1879 he published the monograph «Neonatal diseases». Professor I.V. Troitskiy, talen–ted scientist, was elected the head of the department after M.D. Ponomarev in 1902. I.V. Troitskiy who was in charge of it up to 1918. He made the contribution in improvement and systematization in the teaching — pedagogical process. According to his application for university it was allocated means for building clinic of children diseases. He organized society of pediatricians (1912), was organizer of the Ist Russian congress of pediatricians (1912) and the Ist World congress (Paris, 1912).

I.V. Troitskiy was talent, high educated scientist pediatrician. He is an author of 150 scientific works, including some manuals of pediatrics, hygiene of children, history of medicine. Scientific, practice and public work of I.V. Troitskiy was excellent standard of self-denying service to his nation.
I.V. Troitskiy and professor M.D. Po–nomarev were founders of Kharkiv professional pediatric school, which had carried substantial contribution in development of children health service in Ukraine.
After integration medical faculty of Kharkiv University and Woman’s medical institute into the medical academy since 1920 the head of the pediatric department was I.S. Arkavin, who perfected teaching of pediatric in clinic (to this time children clinic was created).
After professor I.S. Arkavin professor N.M. Freshman was ele–cted in 1929, he was disciple scientist-pediatrition A.A. Kisel. N.M. Frish–man brought to Kharkiv region the main ideas of his teacher — prophylaxis trend in pediatric. N.M. Frish–man and his assistants (Professor V.A. Belousov, associate professor R.V. Gilman, associate professor S.M. Benderskaia) perfected the training physician for pediatrics establishments. In 1930 after opening of the pediatrics faculties in the country, pediatrics department was common for medical and pediatrics faculties. Due to increase the adnossion in pediatrics faculty in 1938 the independent department of children disea–ses was opened for medical and sanitary-hygienic fa–culties. Professor V.A. Belousov was elected as a head of this department; he worked as a head of this department from 1938 to 1941. During The World War II the medical institute was evacuated to Orenburg, where both departments were integrated. In 1930–1941 methods of the diagnostic and treatment of tuberculosis and children infections worked out. After return from evacuation professor V.A. Belousov was the head of the department of pediatric faculty, professor G.I. Tets was elected as a head of the medical department and sanitary-hygienic faculty, he was the head of this department from 1944 to 1967, professor A.I. Kojemiaka was the head of this department from 1967 to 2002, professor V.A. Feklin — from 2002 to 2010. And a doctor of medical science, associate professor V.A. Klimenko — from 2010 to present time.
Professor G.I. Tets and his assistants worked after war and paid attention on improvement of the training physicians in pediatric.
The staff of department and clinic worked in the Southern Railway hospital. From 1938 to 1941 staff worked out problems of clinical characteristic and pathogenesis diphtheria and scarlet fever in children. It was established the important meaning of the nervous system in pathogenesis of dysentery toxic syndrome in infants (G.I. Tets). It was established di–sorder of metabolism and immunoreactivity in case of dysentery (G.I. Tets, R.P. Soloviova, M.V. Golodets), the influence of an acute infection and helminthes on duration and exist of dysentery (E.F. Semenova, E.A. Vashev).
The second important problem, which was studied du–ring some years, was the rheumatic fever. Many aspects of pathogenesis of the rheumatic fever in children, condition of the central nervous system had been stu–died (V.S. Prihodko), the change of an arterial and venous pressure (R.P. Soloviova, N.N. Efimova), functional condition of kidney (S.M. Ben–derskaia), the liver and pancreas (N.N. Efimova, A.I. Kojemiaka) and other.
Apart from the main course of the scientific work of department long term study clinical peculiarities cholepathy in children and investigation the pancreas in this diseases was done (L.A. Nikitenko, A.I. Kojemiaka). This investigation gave possibility to work out the diagnostic and methods of the stage treatment cholecystitis.
Scientific investigation under guidance professor G.I. Tets was the foundation for carrying out 3 doctoral dissertations and 20 PhD theses. The majority of this investigation had an application in practice by publication in the periodical scientific press, reports on the forums, conference, meetings of pediatricians’ society (200 articles and 129 reports).
Since 1968 problems etio–logy, conditions of immunity, allergical reactivity, clinical characteristic, treatment and prophylaxis of acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory system in children were starchy under gui–dance professor A.I. Kojemia–ka. It was established peculiarities of the etiological structure and immunological reactivity in the acute pneumonia in infants (A.I. Kojemiaka), which were used for work out complex the–rapy with inclusion immuno–stimulated medicines — metha–cil, prodigesan, decaris and tymolin (V.F. Nakonechny, V.A. Kasanov, M. Rahman, V.P. Kandyba, E.T. Dadambaiev) and immuno–replace therapy with specific immunogli–bulines (D.T. Dreval, I.N. Poddubnaia, P.N. Martalog). Serious attention was paid on study pathology of children in neonatal period: clinical peculiarities of pneumonia (T.I. Goculiak, I.N. Poddubnaia), cli–nic-immunological parallels of pneumonia in newborns with perinatal affection of central neural system (P.N. Martalog, V.D. Girka, T.V. Sirenko); sepsis and meningitis of newborns (O.N. Plahotnaia, M. Rahman). These investigations were performed with the use of mo–dern immunological methods (with cooperation with department pathological anatomy), what gave possibility to characterize condition of T and B system of the immunity. Assistants of the department (L.P. Pushkarenko, D.T. Dreval) approbated methods of immuno–prophilaxis of the virus respiratory infections in children collectives by polyvalent immunoglobulin and timogen. Problem of the chronic pathology of the respiratory system (chronic and recurrent bronchitis, cystic fibrosis) were studied during many years (V.A. Kazanov, E.T. Koliushko, V.P. Kandyba, D.T. Dreval).
Complex scientific work performed with department of social hygiene, it was devoted to study epidemiology of allergical diseases in Kharkiv region according ISAAC recommendations (A.I. Kojemia–ka, V.A. Ognev, V.V. Basilashvili, T.V. Sirenko, V.A. Klymenko, V.K. Shmulich and other). It was introduced in practice medicine methods of treatment atopic forms of the bronchial asthma with use hystoglobulin and specific hyposensibilisation with oral vaccine frome home dust (V.A. Markov, A.K. Solodun). Assessment of clinical affectivity grade therapy was done (V.A. Klymenko). The clinic-pathogenetic peculiarities atopic dermatitis in condition of a hospital and outpatient clinic was study (V.A. Klymenko, I.A. Sankova, F.H. Alexanian).
Some investigations about immunology glomerulonephritis were performed (E.A. Vashev, E.T. Da–dambaev, N.M. Petrenko). 
The above researches are summarized into 5 doctoral dissertations (A.I. Kojemiaka, E.A. Vashev, E.T. Dadambaev, T.V. Protsuk, V.A. Klymenko) and into 26 PhD theses.
From 2002 to 2010 professor, doctor of medical science V.A. Feklin was a head of the department. His scientific work was devoted to the clinic-patho–logical motivation and treatment severe forms broncho-pulmonal disease in children. He trained 6 PhDs.
From 2010 to present time Doctor of Sciences V.A. Klymenko is a head of the department. The main course of the scientific work is children allergo–logy. Under her leadership was performed one PhD work (D.N. Krivorotko), 3 PhD are making. Collective of the department carried out scientific work about improvement the diagnostic and treatment the pneumonia in newborns with perinatal affection of central nervous system.
The department of the children diseases of medical faculty (at present time the department of pediatrics propaedeutic № 2) prepared scientific-pedagogical cadres. Many persons from assistants of the department, post-graduate students, clinical registers stated to be high educated specialists in pediatric service: professor S.M. Benderskaia (Kharkiv institute of postdiploma education), professor L.K. Ephimova-Masnikova (department of pediatric Ujgorod University), professor A.S. Lihacheva-Kalinichenko (neonato–logy department KMAPE), professor E.T. Dadambaev (department of pediatric, Alma-Ata), doctor of medical science, professor O.I. Sirenko (department of polyclinic pediatric, KMAPE), doctor of medical scien–ce, associate professor V.A. Klymenko (the head of the department of propaedeutic pediatric № 2 KNMU), professor E.V. Sereda-Kozina (the head of the department of pediatric SRI AMS, Russia), professor K.S. Tihomirova (the head of the department Piati–gorsk SII health resort, Russia).
Highly-skilled personnel trained for foreign countries — E.T. Dadambaev, T.I. Gotsulak (Kazahstan), P.N. Martalog (Moldova), F.H. Aleksanian (Armenia) and other foreign countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Palestine, Lebanon and Cyprus).
Team of the department perfects methodical work constantly. According to the task of the Mi–nistry of Health of USSR a program in pediatrics, which have been used by all medical institutes of the country during ten years, for students of medical faculty, was done by professor G.I. Tets.

Due to the reform of high medical education in Ukraine and introduction Bolon’s system (credit-module training) propaedeutic pediatric studies since 1993 during III course of education for native students of the I and IV medical faculty and for foreign students of V and VI faculty (with Russian, Ukrainian and English languages of education). Practical course «Care about sock patient in hospital» studies on the II course, «Nurse work» — on the III course. New methodical recommendations were created for students and for teachers. The manual «Introduction of children diseases» on 220 pages was printed in 2005, «Propaedeutic of pediatric» on 330 pages was printed in 2010. The main work of creation of this manual an English language was done by associate professor T.V. Sirenko.
During all time existing of the department student scientific society is working, every year students make reports in the university and interuniversity scientific conferences.
Since 1976 clinical base of Pediatric department was children hospital № 7 (since 1992 — Regional children clinical hospital № 1). Eight candidates of medical science (PhD) were prepared from practical physicians (A.F. Ruchko, V.M. Savvo, A.K. Solodun, D.T. Dreval, F.H. Aleksanian, L.P. Pushkarenko, E.G. Koliushko, V.D. Girka).
The staff of the department took active part in organization of the specialized hospital departments (allergological, pulmonological, immunological departments and department of pathology newborns).
At present time 1 professor, 1 doctor of medical science, 3 associate professor, PhD, 6 PhD assistant, 3 laboratory assistant, 2 postgraduates are working at the department. The staff of the department is continuing glorious traditions which were pleaged by domestic luminaries of pediatrics and strive to meet the expectations of their teachers.

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