Інформація призначена тільки для фахівців сфери охорони здоров'я, осіб,
які мають вищу або середню спеціальну медичну освіту.

Підтвердіть, що Ви є фахівцем у сфері охорони здоров'я.

"Actual Infectology" Том 7, №2, 2019

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Changes in the immune status of patients with herpes infections under the influence of alokin-alpha

Authors: M.O. Sokolenko, A.A. Sokolenko, I.V. Balaniuk
Bukovinian State Medical University, Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Categories: Infectious diseases

Sections: Medical forums

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Background. One of the most common diseases of viral etiology is herpesvirus infection. With herpetic infections, immunodeficiency states can develop, both at the level of the cellular and humoral immune levels. That is, the weakened immune system becomes less capable of eliminating the virus from the body, although it retains its function of antibody synthesis throughout life, sometimes in fairly high titres. However, they only participate in the neutralization of certain antigens of the virus, but do not prevent relapses. The purpose of the study — to determine changes in the immune status of patients with herpetic infections under the influence ...

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